Inspired by the Patagonian Forest: Rainforest Selk’bag

Inspired by the Patagonian Forest: Rainforest Selk’bag

March 09, 2022

Our Rainforest Selk’bag is inspired by the Valdivian Temperate rain forest, the southernmost temperate forest in the world. It's a place of beautifully lush greenery, and fascinating animals. 

Temperate rainforests — like the name implies, receive a lot of rain throughout the year and lie in temperate zones, areas where temperature changes based on seasons, unlike tropical zones where temperatures stay similar year-round. 

Hammock Rainforest Selk'bag

The Valdivian rainforest has a dense understory of ferns and bamboo — giving a Jurassic Park feel as though a dinosaur could come around the corner at any moment. Conifers and broadleaf trees fill the canopy, dappling the light that reaches the ground. 

Selk’bag partnered with Parque Oncol, a natural reserve on the coast of Chile, to create the Rainforest Selk’bag. 

The bag features the flora and fauna of this diverse region, including the Monito del Monte, a tiny marsupial that looks like a mouse, and the Chucao bird, a colorful small songbird. 

The Rainforest Selk’bag keeps you warm enough on summer evenings. It’s not our warmest bag, but when the temperatures start to rise, you don’t want to overheat. 

Of course, the Rainforest Selk’bag also has all the features of any other Lite Selk’bag. 


  • Elastic hand closures — pull them over your hands to make your enclosed sleeping bag, or roll them up while you’re out and about. 
  • Kangaroo pocket — stash your phone or keep your hands warm.
  • Adjustable Hood — cinch it up when you’re going to bed or if you just need extra warmth!
  • Removable booties — wear your Selk’bag with or without shoes.
  • Side zippers — get in and out easily, and access your fly. 
  • Stuff sack included — store and pack your bag easily.
  • Machine washable — being outside is never clean, but washing your Selk’bag is easy!


rainforest selk'bag


Your Rainforest Selk’bag is made out of post-consumer materials — that means plastic that was already used and destined for a landfill makes up your bag. 

The Rainforest Selk’bag is made out of 153 used water bottles! 

Inside your Rainforest Selk’bag, you’ll find one layer of hollow fiber insulation, which mimics down feathers to provide cozy warmth while sleeping, lounging, or camping. 

The outer shell is soft and comfortable. It never interferes with movement, so take this Selk’bag on all your active adventures. 

Vanlife Rainforest Selk'bag

Take your Rainforest Selkbag with you on spring and summer camping trips, wear it while you work from home, or lounge inside during cooler months. 

Wherever you take it, know that you support the biodiverse region of Selva Valdiviana, the rainforest at the bottom of the world.

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100% recycled polyester pongee


100% recycled polyester


100% recycled two 120-gram layers of hollow-fiber


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