Adventure Essentials for your Favorite Exploring Pal

Adventure Essentials for your Favorite Exploring Pal

September 14, 2020

We don’t need to tell you who’s your go-to adventure buddy. We already know who it is -- the one who’s always up for exploring no matter the conditions, who’s excited about everything and anything. It is your best friend, it is your doggy. 

What we do need to tell you is that your dog deserves some awesome gear for the many trips you take together. From hiking to camping to biking and more, we’ve pulled together a few ideas for presents, beyond the doggy biscuits, you should treat your pup to on your next adventure.

selkbag sleeping bag wearable tent camping

Foldable Water Bowl


Water is the #1 most important thing to take on an adventure of any kind, human and dog alike! Foldable, collapsible bowls are the right way to go -- lightweight and compact, easy to fit in your pack, and durable for any terrain you and your pup find yourselves on.

Top 3 we recommend:
  1. Comsun Collapsible Dog Bowl
  2. Outward Hound Port-A-Bowl
  3. Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture

Dog Pack


Even if your dog isn’t Cujo, they’re pretty strong animals. Unbeknownst to many, your furry friend can actually carry 25% of their weight comfortably, and sometimes more -- but be sure to research the specific breed. If you’re out on a hike or longer backpacking excursion, let your pupper carry some of their own weight, like that foldable water bowl.

Top 3 we recommend:
  1. Ruffwear Palisades
  2. Pettom Saddle Bag
  3. Kurgo Backpack



Dog booties


As silly as they may look and seem, dog booties are extremely important to help lessen the wear and tear of miles of tough terrain on your best friend’s feet. Make sure your doggo is used to wearing them around before attempting to put them on for the first time at the trail, otherwise you will certainly have some entertaining footage on hand. Size, fit, and comfort are the most important factors here.

Top 3 we recommend:
  1. Ruffwear Grip Trex
  2. Qumy Dog Boots
  3. Pet Labs Dog Boots

BONUS: Dog Goggles


You’re already picturing your dog wearing some right now. Maybe you even see yourself riding a motorcycle with your pup by your side. ‘Nuff said.

Top 3 we recommend:
  1. Qumy Dog Goggles
  2. Doggles Goggles
  3. Petleso Dog Goggles

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